Saturday, May 28, 2011

Must Reads From Inkpop!

Every Wrong Road

by Liese Pfeuffer Semans

Book: General Fiction, Romance

“You asked me not to judge you by your past. The truth is I judge you more by my own.”

After Katie witnesses her mother's tragic murder, she is uprooted from her life in upstate New York and forced to live with an estranged aunt. When she arrives in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, she meets Joseph Bruglia, a boy whose sordid past leaves him uncomfortably wedged between the mistakes that haunt him and his new-found religion. When they first meet it isn't necessarily love at first sight. Through trial and error, they learn to see the beauty in each other. However, it will take harsh reality and divine intervention before they can see the beauty within themselves.

Dear Chris, Since When Did You Start Loving Me?

by BlueDinosaur

Book: General Fiction, Humor, Romance

"Why do you care if you hate him?" I had been asked too many times. Sadly, I couldn't answer that myself.

I hate Chris Caldwell with a passion. I always have, or have for the past three years anyway. It's hard to belive we were best friends at one time, but we were. He changed though. He decided to tell me goodbye. I never wanted to. Yet, here he is, standing at my door, begging for a second chance that I sadly, cannot give. I know it's awful of me to hold a grudge, but he didn't have the terrible heartbreak I suffered. I often wonder, what hurt more, the heartbreak, or the hate I held years later



by Arose

Book: , Paranormal, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance

When Death's your brother, things are complicated.

Living in her brother’s shadow isn’t anything new for Adora. This only makes sense since Adora’s brother is Death himself. After a ten year absence from her life, he comes crashing back in and decides to inform her that he has found a new love. Tired of being a pawn in her brother’s game, she is not going to just sit by anymore and ruin the life of yet another innocent girl. She’s going to save this girl’s life—no matter the cost.

Armed with a ditzy witch, a wacky hunter, the only friend she has, and a mysterious reaper, she sets out to go undercover at the girl's high school and befriend her. The problem? Adora's never been to a school before and not social by any means. But she made a promise to herself, that she will help this girl. Not an easy task with her brother and other supernatural creatures trying to take her out. But what if the price of helping the girl is her own life?

Long Time No See

by AngryBird o_O

ShortStory: Romance, Humor, General Fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy

You would most likely see this and more, but the thing is I can't even see myself...

Andrea is the normal 15 year old girl. Green eyes, brown hair, and a smile to match. But the thing is she's not normal, she can't even see herself...
It all starts three days before her birthday. First she meets a young man named Scott who apparently she should know, but cannot seem to remember. According to her best friend Taylor she should remember him, he's waiting for her to remember. But how can she, when she's blind? Voices change. People change.
Then next is the day of her birthday, she's sixteen finally! The parties a smash, and she couldn't wish for more...Or could she?

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